Safe and Flexible Li-Ion Batteries For The Future

Transformational Battery Architecture

A True Market Differentiator for Our Partners

KalpTree's manufacturing and technology platform creates a solid state Li-ion rechargeable battery by depositing an electrochemical cell (with concentric layers of cathode, electrolyte, and anode material) on a continuous single thin wire. Single strand of wires are combined to create a “Battery-on-Wire” scalable from mAh to kWh. KalpTree's unique battery architecture offers a significant step forward in lithium-ion battery safety and performance in a range of applications.

Endless Possibilities

KalpTree Energy is creating a simple solution to the weight, volume, safety and form factor limitations of the traditional lithium ion batteries. KalpTree’s solid-state batteries offer energy density, cost and safety advantages compared to current Li-ion batteries. In addition, they can be fabricated as a flexible wire or fabric and in unique and unusual conformable shapes. These changes will result in a new generation of smaller, lighter, and safer batteries that are flexible and can be manufactured in an unlimited variety of shapes.

Our Integration Ideas Include

drawing of a feather

Lighter Devices - Electronic devices will be 30% lighter and allows integration into casing structure

drawing of a vest

Military Vests - Highly flexible and lighter wearable batteries for the U.S. military

drawing of a cordless drill

Lighter and More Balanced Tools - Custom batteries efficiently fill space and have a high energy density to decrease packaging weight

drawing of an electric car

Electric Vehicles - Electric cars will run at an extra 80 miles at a lower cost.

Ultimate Freedom of Design

KalpTree’s Battery architecture offers significant performance enhancement over current Li-ion technology. KalpTree’s batteries can be integrated into any product that requires a rechargeable battery. Furthermore, their flexibility and conformability allows the batteries to be shaped to adapt to a wide range of unusual form factors. These applications include: consumer electronics, wearables, electric vehicles, aerospace, military equipment and micro-batteries.

About KalpTree

KalpTree Energy is a silicon valley based company founded in late 2012. The company has invented battery and active component manufacturing platform and is currently commercializing our unique solid state battery architecture technology for commercial and military applications. Our mission is to transform the way people use portable energy by creating a revolutionary batteries architecture which will help enable our partners to develop new, break-through products with greatly enhanced safety and performance. Please contact us for more information about a collaborative product integration and development program.

KalpTree Team

The letter U

Dr. Deepak Upadhyaya, Founder and CEO

Deepak is the founder and CEO of KalpTree Energy. Deepak invented the manufacturing platform and the unique flexible battery architecture with the vision of transforming the way people use portable energy. Deepak is an entrepreneur who has been working in startup environments for more than a decade. He has successfully commercialized several innovations in industry ranging from Semiconductor to Automotive to Oil and Gas. He has managed several new product introductions of high technology coating processes and equipment. Recently, he invented and commercialized several surface coating technologies for the oil/gas and automotive industries. Deepak holds a Ph.D. in Materials Science/Metallurgy from the University of Idaho and an MBA from San Jose State University.

The letter I

Dr. Mark Isaacson, Principal Scientist

Mark is a well-regarded expert in the electrochemical energy storage field with significant experience in Li-ion, Li-polymer, and nickel-zinc batteries as well as super-capacitors. Dr. Isaacson has experience at WR Grace, Valence Technology, Polystor and Lockheed Martin where his responsibilities have included identification, evaluation and testing of new battery technology (primarily Li-ion) for aerospace applications (LM Martin), development of super-capacitors based on carbon aerogel (Polystor), development of Li metal and Li-ion rechargeable batteries (Valence Technology) and development of separators for lead-acid batteries (WR Grace). Mark has a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from University of California at Berkeley. He has authored or co-authored more than 40 articles and several patents.

The letter B

Dr. Vincent Battaglia, Technical Advisor

Vincent is a well-known battery expert in electrochemical cell development, analysis and failure modes. He has been recognized by the DOE for his technical contributions with the 2011 DOE Vehicle Technologies Program R&D Award. Vince is currently leading a group of engineers at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory studying advanced battery materials designed for hybrid and electric vehicles. Vince also participates on the USABC Technical Advisory Committee by providing technical expertise on the evaluation of battery developer programs sponsored by DOE. Upon graduating, he spent 11 years with Argonne National Laboratory’s Battery group studying various types of rechargeable batteries. He holds a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from the University of California at Berkeley and has authored over 35 scientific publications.

The letter S

Dr. Robert Spotnitz, Technical Advisor

Bob is a well-known speaker on battery engineering because of his tutorials for several societies and conferences. He leads Battery Design LLC, and in partnership with CD-adapco, helped develop the modeling program Battery Design Studio. Previously, he worked at WR Grace, Hoechst (Celgard Division), and Polystor. He is a co-inventor of the shutdown battery separator and several electrochemical processes. Bob has a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from University of Wisconsin-Madison and an MS in Computer Science from Johns Hopkins University. He has 25 patents and 42 publications (including 4 book chapters).

The letter H

Greg Hitchan, Board Member and Investor

Greg is a former Naval Intelligence Officer with tours of duty with a F-14 Squadron in Virginia Beach and the Joint Chiefs of Staff in Washington, D.C. After graduating law school, he practiced corporate and securities law for 7 years in Silicon Valley representing companies in a wide variety of legal matters, focusing on mergers and acquisitions. There he represented private equity and hedge-fund clients. Greg joined Blum Capital Partners in 2003 and became the Chief Operating Officer in 2005. There he was involved in the firm's operations and investments. Greg is currently focusing on startups in the Tri-Valley region that use innovative technologies, along with companies in the clean energy field and medical device spaces. Greg is currently serving as a board member of Innovation Tri-Valley and a member of venture advisory board for iGate and Nest Incubator. He is also a member of Congressman Swalwell's Economic Development Advisory Committee.


Careers at Kalptree

Welcome to the new world of flexible energy storage technology at KalpTree Energy. Our vision is to transform the way people use portable energy. We are looking for self-motivated professionals who have passion and a high level of commitment and who enjoy startup environments. If you have qualifications in any of the following areas, please send your resume to us at

  • Textile engineer with experience in machine design and weaving technology
  • Experienced chemical vapor deposition
  • Battery cell design engineer
  • Senior level sales and marketing with experience in battery area
  • Manufacturing Technicians

KalpTree Energy is an Equal Opportunity Employer and maintains a safe work environment.